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Elbow Pain
Now you can get rid of elbow pain and injuries the easy way… Eliminate the need for harmful painkillers and even SURGERY.
Elbow pain can range from a mild dull ache to the excruciating pain of a fractured elbow. Although it’s usually experienced by athletes or individuals in occupations that require repetitive use of their arms, it can happen to anyone. A hurting, broken, swollen or deformed elbow can limit mobility and function which hinders your normal activities. Simple tasks like lifting your arms or gripping an object become very difficult.

The pain could get worse by robbing you of a good night’s sleep making you slow and unproductive during the day. Whatever the degree and cause of your elbow pain, Polygon PT offers you an easy way to get rid of your pain quickly using physical therapy.
How Does Physical Therapy Help With Elbow Pain?
Physical therapy helps by providing relief to your pain without the use of harmful painkillers and surgery (in most cases). Patients that have undergone physical therapy with us have achieved results in less time than it would take to get rid of their elbow pain. Our team of certified physical therapists begins by examining your medical history before we proceed to examine your elbow. We don’t just stop at your elbow, but also examine your shoulder, and wrist as well.

A physical examination is performed, where you will be required to perform some series of movements. This will help us determine your range of motion, coordination, and strength of your elbow joint and diagnose the cause of your elbow pain. We also walk closely with your medical doctor for other diagnostic and imaging tests.
Physical Examination

Once the cause of your elbow pain has been diagnosed, we will create a custom treatment plan for you. This would include

Manual therapy to relieve pain, muscle tension and to promote circulation in your elbow and forearm.
Therapeutic exercises such as motion and strength exercises will restore flexibility and strength to your elbow

Aside from these two, the following treatments could also be used

During treatment, we will also educate you on techniques and exercise you can adopt for the prevention of future elbow pain. in unique cases where the elbow joint is bad and is replaced with artificial parts, post-operative rehab is necessary after surgery to get mobility and strength back to your elbow.
Causes of Elbow Pain
There are several causes of elbow pain, they include

Lateral Epicondylitis "Tennis Elbow"

Tennis elbow is commonly experienced by athletes. The tendons that attach to your forearm muscles outside your elbow get swollen or torn. This is caused by overuse

Medial Epicondylitis "Golfer's Elbow"

Golfers elbow is also caused by overuse and occurs mainly in athletes or individuals in occupations such as carpentry and painting. The tendons that attach to the bony bump inside the elbow get inflamed or torn

Peripheral Nerve Injury

This is also known as peripheral neuropathy and occurs when a nerve gets crushed, cut, or compressed. Common nerve injuries related to the elbow are:
Radial Tunnel Syndrome: This occurs when the radial nerve that runs across the elbow gets pinched or compressed. Nerve injuries should be treated immediately.
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: this is an injury to the ulnar nerve

elbow Fracture

This occurs when the bones in your elbow get broken or cracked. The broken bones could be in or out of their normal position

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