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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear

Ligament tear or sprain in the knee like ACL tears can be extremely painful, and cause the knee to become unstable. This means you can’t participate in sports, and even walking becomes difficult.


Chondromalacia Patella

Pain in the knee can be caused by several factors. Chondromalacia is the most common of them. Pain associated with this condition makes it difficult for you to sit for long periods, climb up the stairs or participate in sports.


Knee Arthritis

If you are experiencing mild to severe pain in your knee associated with stiffness or swelling, arthritis might just be the cause. It is important to contact a physical therapist immediately.


Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

If you have been considering having a knee arthroscopy or just had one, surgery is only the first step. Yes, arthroscopy surgery is minimally invasive and has a shorter recovery time compared to traditional (open) surgery, you still need physical therapy before and after your arthroscopic surgery.


Knee Strains/Sprains

A tear to your ligament or knee muscle can result in pain that will hinder your daily activities such as walking or bending to put your shoes on.


Knee Pain

Your knee joint is the largest and one of the strongest joints in your body. Come to think of it, it bears the whole of your body weight. Now, imagine waking up in the morning with a stiff knee.


Lower Leg Fracture

Pain associated with broken bones is usually painful. If you break your leg, you might find it difficult to walk, stand or bear your body weight.


Meniscus Tears

As an athlete, the worst feeling is not being able to participate in sports activities because of joint pain. If you just recently twisted or rotated your knee too suddenly, your meniscus could be torn resulting in your knee pain.


Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

If you are experiencing pain in the front of your knee that makes it difficult to climb the stairs, squat, or sit for long periods, Patellofemoral pain syndrome might just be the culprit.


Total Knee Replacement

If you are considering having a knee replacement or have just had one, know that surgery is just the first step. Your surgeon may have done a fine job, but this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to use your knee as you did before.