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Effective Lumbar Spondylosis Exercise in Richmond at Polygon PT

Lower back pain is an extremely common problem that affects millions of people. While there are many potential causes, several back conditions like lumbar spondylosis, muscle strains, and lower back spasms often result in debilitating back pain. Thankfully, physical therapy can provide safe, effective Lumbar Spondylosis Exercise in Richmond without drugs or surgery. If you’re suffering from back pain in the Richmond area, Polygon PT offers customized treatment plans to reduce pain and restore mobility.

Polygon PT takes a whole-body approach to back pain treatment. Their expert physical therapists don’t just look at your spine and muscles, but also assess your posture, flexibility, strength, and biomechanics. This enables them to pinpoint the root causes of your pain and target treatment accordingly.

Treating Lumbar Spondylosis

One of the most common sources of back pain is lumbar spondylosis, which is wear-and-tear damage to the spinal discs in the lower back. As these discs thin and deteriorate over time, it can cause pain, stiffness, and numbness or tingling.

The physical therapists at Polygon PT are highly experienced at treating spondylosis without drugs or surgery. Treatment techniques and lumbar spondylosis exercise in Richmond may include:

  • Flexibility exercises to reduce stiffness and improve range of motion
  • Strengthening exercises to support the back and improve stability
  • Manual therapy techniques like massage, mobilization, and manipulations to improve mobility
  • Postural correction to reduce strain on damaged discs
  • Traction to provide decompression of the spine
  • Modalities like heat/ice therapy to relieve muscular tension and pain

With consistent therapy, most patients see a significant reduction in spondylosis pain and are able to move with ease again.

Lumbar Spondylosis Exercise in Richmond

Relieving Muscle Strains

Muscle strains in the back commonly occur from overuse, improper lifting, or accidents. Strains range from mild tears in the muscle fibres to complete muscle tears. Depending on severity, strains can cause anything from mild soreness to severe debilitating pain. The therapists offering Muscle Strain Treatment in Richmond will accurately assess your strain and determine the proper treatment methods, such as:

  • Gentle stretching and range of motion exercises to promote healing
  • Targeted strengthening exercises to support the strained muscle
  • Neuromuscular re-education to restore normal movement patterns
  • Manual therapy like massage to increase blood flow and reduce muscle spasms
  • Modalities such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation to accelerate healing
  • Postural correction to prevent re-injury

With Polygon PT’s strain rehabilitation programs, patients achieve full muscle recovery while learning how to avoid re-strains in the future.

Treating Lower Back Spasms

Sudden lower back spasms usually stem from an underlying back issue like spondylosis, stenosis, or a strain/sprain. The contracted muscles go into spasm as a protective response to prevent further injury.

While the spasms usually pass within a few days, the underlying cause needs to be addressed via physical therapy to prevent recurrence. The experts offering treatment for lower back spasms treatment in Richmond provide spasm relief through:

  • Heat therapy to relax the muscles
  • Gentle stretching and exercises to improve mobility
  • Manual release techniques to unlock the spasmed muscles
  • Massage to increase blood flow to the affected area
  • Ultrasound therapy to accelerate healing
  • Training on proper lifting mechanics to avoid re-injury

By identifying and correcting the root issue, Polygon PT helps patients find long-term relief from recurring back spasms.

Treating Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis occurs when one vertebra slips out of alignment onto the one below it, often causing immense lower back pain. This condition frequently accompanies spondylosis. The Lower Back Spasms Treatment in Richmond For Spondylosis And Spondylolisthesis in Richmond offers exercise programs to treat spondylolisthesis, including:

  • Spine stabilization exercises to strengthen the core and back muscles
  • Stretches and exercises to improve flexibility and reduce stiffness
  • Postural correction and body mechanics training
  • Joint mobilization techniques to improve mobility
  • Traction to provide decompression
  • Massage and other manual therapies

Non-surgical rehabilitation through Polygon PT can effectively manage pain and instability from spondylolisthesis, improving strength and function.

Why Choose Polygon PT for Back Pain Relief?

With over 15 years of experience, Polygon PT’s physical therapists have helped countless patients find relief from debilitating back pain. Key reasons to choose Polygon PT include:

  • Holistic treatment plans that address the root cause, not just symptoms
  • Advanced manual therapy techniques like ASTYM and Graston
  • One-on-one treatment sessions with your therapist
  • No long waits – appointments are scheduled quickly
  • Carefully monitored exercise programs for optimal effectiveness
  • Patient education on maintaining a healthy back
  • Convenient location with free parking
  • Acceptance of most major insurance plans
  • Get Lasting Relief with Polygon PT

If you’re tired of living with chronic back pain, the Physical Therapy Treatment For Spondylosis And Spondylolisthesis in Richmond at Polygon PT can help you finally find relief. They offer a free 15-minute consultation to new patients, so you can discuss your specific back condition and treatment options. Visit their website at to learn more and get started on the path back to an active, healthy lifestyle.

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