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Shoulder Pain
Now you can get rid of shoulder pain the easy way… without those harmful painkillers and surgery
Shoulder pain creates a lot of discomforts and hinders your normal activities. This pain could range from a mild dull ache to the excruciating pain of a fractured shoulder. Simple tasks like lifting your arms, reaching for a doorknob, or reaching for your pockets behind become a chore. It could get worse by robbing you of a good night’s sleep, making you slow and unproductive during the day. Don’t forget that your shoulder could also get immobile or stiff. Whatever the degree and cause of your shoulder pain, Polygon PT offers you an easy way to get rid of your pain quickly using physical therapy.
How Does Physical Therapy Help With Shoulder Pain?
Physical therapy helps by providing relief to your pain without the use of harmful painkillers and even surgery. Patients that have undergone physical therapy with us have achieved results in less time than it would take to get rid of their shoulder pain. Our team of certified physical therapists begins by examining your medical history before we proceed to examine your shoulder. A physical examination is performed, where you will be required to perform some series of movements. This will help us determine your range of motion, coordination, and strength of your shoulder joint and diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain. Other diagnostic techniques are also used to pinpoint the cause of pain. Once we have diagnosed the cause of your shoulder pain, we will create a custom treatment plan for your condition. This would include manual therapy to relieve pain, muscle tension and to promote circulation in your shoulder.
Therapeutic Exercises
such as motion and strength exercises will restore flexibility and strength to your shoulders. Aside from these two, the following treatments could also be used

Heat or ice treatment

Electrical stimulation

Laser therapy and

Dry needling

During treatment, we will also educate you on techniques and exercise you can adopt for the prevention of future shoulder pain.
Causes of Shoulder Pain
While there are many causes of Shoulder pain, chief among them are:


This occurs when your humeral head (the ball that sits in your shoulder socket) moves abnormally especially when you raise your arm.

Rotator Cuff Tear

This occurs when your rotator cuff muscles become torn or damaged. Your rotator cuff is made up of four muscles that attach to the humerus head and keeps it firmly in your shoulder socket.


This is when the tissues in your shoulder wear out, allowing the ball to glide freely out of the socket. Dislocation is a type of shoulder instability.


This occurs when the bursa (thin fluid-filled sac) becomes inflamed and this results in pain


A shoulder fracture is an injury to any of the shoulder bones and may result in the bone breaking or cracking.


This occurs when the tissues making up your ligaments or muscles (tendons) get torn.

Physical therapy usually provides relief to shoulder pain in most cases. However, in very severe cases when physical therapy doesn’t work, shoulder surgery is recommended. This could be shoulder replacement (where damaged parts of your shoulder joint are replaced with artificial parts), or surgery to fix a fracture or a tear. Whatever is the case, post-surgery rehab is important for getting the most out of your surgery. It would help you heal quickly, and recover completely.
Relieve Your Shoulder Pain Today
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