Finally, you can get rid of that sharp or dull achy pain you always feel in your hip , without those harmful painkillers that can damage your organs and without surgery.

Finally, you can get rid of that sharp or dull achy pain you always feel in your hip ….withouHip pain can be caused by a lot of factors. It could range from a dull achy pain to very intense, sharp, or stinging pain. A hurting, broken, swollen, or deformed hip can limit mobility and function which hinders your normal activities. Simple tasks like bending to put your shoes or socks on, walking, or carrying out your sporting activities become a chore. Sleep and daytime productivity are also reduced. Other areas of your life like indulging in fun activities such as playing soccer, climbing, running, or whatever the case might be with your child, spouse, or friends can be affected too. The good news is, whatever the degree of your pain, Polygon PT offers you an easy way to get rid of your pain quickly using physical therapy.t those harmful painkillers that can damage your organs and without surgery.

How Does Physical Therapy Help With Hip Pain?
Physical therapy helps by providing relief to your pain without the use of harmful painkillers and surgery (in most cases). Patients that have undergone physical therapy with us have achieved results in less time than it would take to get rid of their hip pain. Our team of certified physical therapists begins by examining your medical history before we proceed to examine your hip. We don’t just stop at your hip, but also examine your knee and ankle in some cases as well. A physical examination is performed, where you will be required to perform some series of movements. This will help us determine your range of motion, coordination, and strength of your hip joint and diagnose the cause of your hip pain. We also walk closely with your medical doctor for other diagnostic and imaging tests.
Physical Examination
Once the cause of your hip pain has been diagnosed, we will create a custom treatment plan for you. This would include:

Manual therapy to relieve pain, muscle tension and to promote circulation in your elbow and forearm.
Therapeutic exercises such as motion and strengthening exercises restore flexibility and strength to your hip. Functional training aimed at controlling movement and coordination and adopting the right posture to prevent recurrence of the pain.

Aside from these, the following treatments could also be used
Causes of Hip Pain

If you’re experiencing pain in your hip, it might be caused by:

hip arthritis

This is an inflammation of your hip joint, where the cartilage that covers the joint becomes to wear out. This can be as a result of age (osteoarthritis), rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis.

HIp bursitis

Hip bursitis occurs when the bursae - thin fluid-filled sacs in the hip become inflamed, resulting in pain. This is usually caused by overuse or repetitive movements of the hip.

hip fracture

Fracture in the hip can be a result of a fall, direct hit to the hip, or involvement in automobile accidents. The thigh bone or the hip socket gets broken.

hip strains/sprains

When there is a tear to a ligament or muscle in your hip, a sprain or strain occurs.

IT Band Syndrome

This is an inflammation of the IT band that runs from the pelvis, through the thigh, and to the knee. Although pain is usually felt at the knee, this pain can spread to your thigh and hip

Relieve your Hip Pain Today
Our physical therapists are excited to get you back to your normal activities while relieving you of any hip pain you are currently experiencing. And yes, you can get relief without painkillers or surgery. Don’t delay your care! Request an appointment with a therapist immediately to get started.