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Back Pain
Find relief for your back with Physical Therapy
Back pain, especially low back pain is one of the most common body pain complaints. About 70% of people will experience one in their lifetime. If you’re experiencing back pain, whether it has been around for a long time, or it comes and goes, you are not alone. The majority of our patients at Polygon PT, are finding relief for their back pain using physical therapy. We want you to achieve the same results too. Ready to get rid of that nagging pain that causes discomfort and affects your quality of life? Request an appointment with us today.
Back Pain or Sciatica, Which one am I experiencing??
Back pain is often confused with sciatica, they have their differences. Back pain is experienced in the upper, middle, or lower back. Sciatica is a pain that radiates to the buttocks, thigh, and legs. It is possible to feel numbness, tingling, or sharp pain in one or both legs. This is often caused by a herniated disk or compression of the nerve as it exits the spine. At polygon PT, you don’t have to worry about what condition you might be having. Our team of experienced physical therapists will diagnose your condition, and provide long-lasting relief. Trust us, you can avoid those potentially harmful painkillers and even surgery.
How will Physical Therapy Treatment Help My Back Pain and Sciatica?
Once the cause of your back pain is diagnosed, our therapists will create a treatment program designed specifically to meet your kinds. In the first stage of therapy, the goal is to relieve your pain quickly. This is usually achieved by manual therapy, ice or heat modalities, and other specialized treatment determined by your condition. Afterward, therapeutic exercises focused on strengthening your core and restoring mobility to your muscles and joints are introduced. Your treatment program will also include how to train and position your spine to prevent future spine injuries. If you have back pain accompanied by sciatica, leg stretching exercises to your treatment plan to loosen the sciatic nerve. This restores the natural health of the nerve and relieves your symptoms.
What Caused My Back Pain and Sciatica?
Generally, back pain is caused by repetitive stress to the back. This could be normal everyday activities like sitting at work, picking up a baby, or engaging in certain sports such as football. Traumatic events, such as a motor vehicle collision, or a direct blow to the back may cause back pain to develop. For sciatica, underlying conditions such as herniated disk, degenerative disk, nerve entrapment, and spinal stenosis can cause pain in the buttocks, thighs, and legs. Often accompanied with this condition is lower back pain. People suffering from this pain may even find it difficult to stand or walk for prolonged periods. Other causes of back pain and sciatica could be:
Whatever is causing your pain, physical therapy is just effective for providing long-lasting relief.
Find Relief From Back Pain and Sciatica Today
Join millions of Americans as we stand against back pain and sciatica. We all deserve to live comfortable and pain-free lives. If you’re experiencing symptoms of back pain or sciatica, request an appointment with Polygon PT right now. Let’s get you started on getting rid of your pain once and for all.