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Knee Pain

You don’t have to suffer from knee pain any longer… Physical therapy can help!

Your knee joint is the largest and one of the strongest joints in your body. Come to think of it, it bears the whole of your body weight. Now, imagine waking up in the morning with a stiff knee. Think of that intense pain you feel after sitting or standing for a while and how it interferes with your work and productivity. Maybe you’re an athlete, and your knee pain has hindered your participation in sports, and your favorite activity. The good news is… you don’t have to suffer from knee pain any longer. Physical therapy is effective for identifying the cause of the pain and providing long-lasting relief to your knee pain. Request an appointment at Polygon PT today. We are delighted to help you live pain-free without potentially harmful medications and surgery.

How Will Physical Therapy Help My Knee Pain?

At Polygon PT, our treatments are aimed at providing quick relief to your knee pain, and strength and motion to your knee joint. A physical therapist will review your medical history, after which, evaluate your knee, and through a series of tests, identify the cause of your knee pain. The tests will enable us to determine the range of motion, coordination, and strength of your knee joint. For imaging tests, we will walk closely with your doctor. Once the cause of your pain has been diagnosed, a custom physical therapy treatment plan will be designed for you. This will include therapeutic exercises targeted at your knee to relieve pain and stabilize the joint. You may also be given exercises designed to strengthen your core. The aim of these exercises is to straighten your posture and equalize the weight load on both sides of your body.  Depending on your condition,  your physical therapist will also include specialized treatments that will help improve your condition and make you live comfortably.

What’s Causing My Knee Pain?

There are several causes of knee pain. The most common ones include:

Chondromalacia Patella: This occurs when the back of the kneecap rubs against the thighbone, damaging the cartilage and causing pain.

Meniscus tears: C-shaped cartilage in your knee acting as shock absorbers become damaged.

Strains or sprains: This is a tear to the ligaments or tendons in your knee joint.

Fracture: This is caused by a broken bone in the knee joint.

Patellofemoral syndrome: This is a pain in the front of the knee, and around the kneecap.

Arthritis: this occurs where the cartilage surrounding the bones in the knee joint deteriorates and wears out.

My Surgeon Already Prescribed Surgery for My Knee Pain. Do I still need Physical Therapy?

Yes. Physical therapy is helpful before and after surgery. Whether your need an arthroscopic knee surgery or a traditional surgery, physical therapy ensures you get the most of the surgery. A post-operative rehab program is essential for restoring strength and mobility to your knee joint. A structured rehab program after surgery is your sure bet to getting back on your feet and living comfortably without pain.

Relieve Your Knee Pain Today

You don’t have to worry about how that pain in your knee will stop you from participating in your favorite activity, playing with your kids, or getting work done. Are you ready to live pain-free? Contact Polygon PT now to get started on the path toward long-lasting pain relief.