A tear to your ligament or hip muscle can result in pain that will hinder your daily activities such as walking or bending to put your shoes on. Seeing a physical therapist when you suspect a sprain or tear is very important. The quicker your hip is evaluated and treatment plans are created, the quicker it is for your hip to heal properly, and for you to return to your normal activities. Contact a physical therapist today to learn how you can get rid of your hip pain without killer pain medications or surgery
What is Hip Strain or Sprain?
Sprain and strain have been used interchangeably to describe the tearing and stretching of the tissues around the joints, but they are different. A hip sprain is a tear in the hip ligaments. Your ligaments are bands of tissues that help to connect the bones in your hip joint. Whereas, a hip strain is the tearing or overstretching of the hip muscles or tendons. Your tendons are dense tissues that connect bones to muscles
Causes of Hip Strains or Sprains

Hip strain/sprain can be caused by several factors. They include:


A direct hit to the hip or a fall

Doing too much activity too quickly

Improper or insufficient warm-up before an activity

Risk Factors for Hip Sprains or Strains

Factors that could result in a strain or sprain include:

Repetitive movements from activities or sports like cycling or running

Contact sports that could result in a direct hit to the hip

Slippery or wet floors could cause a fall that injures the hip

Hip Sprains or Strains Symptoms?
Pain is the most common symptom of hip strain/sprain. The pain might get worse as the hip is used. Other symptoms might include
Hip Strains or Sprains Diagnoses

One of our physical therapists will perform a physical examination of your hip. You may also be required to undergo an X-ray and an MRI scan with your doctor to diagnose the location and severity of the tear and ensure that there are no broken bones whatsoever.

Treatment for  Hip Strains or Sprains
Since individual cases vary, your PT would create a custom treatment plan for you With physical therapy, you don’t need to take harmful pain medications or go the surgery route. However, for severe hip strain or sprain, where the ligament or muscle is torn off completely, surgery is needed to stitch it back together. After the surgery, rehabilitation is crucial to promote quick recovery and a full range of motion of the hip. Recovery might take a couple of weeks depending on the severity of the tear. It is important to not stress the hip during this process. Your therapist will educate you on the prevention of tears in the future. This could be modifying activities that could lead to tearing, warming-up properly before activities or exercises, and using protective gear for contact sports.
Get Started on Physical Therapy and Rehab for Strain or Sprain Today
Do not delay your care! If you are experiencing symptoms associated with a ligament or muscle tear, it is best to seek care immediately. Early treatment means you get back to your normal activities as soon as possible and without pain. Our therapists are excited to get you on a pain-free path. contact a physical therapist today.