Failed Back Syndrome
Surgery is supposed to be the final and last resort for treating back pain. But what happens when your symptoms recur and get worse even after surgery? The term for that condition is known as a failed back syndrome. If you have had surgery, but you still experience chronic pain long after recovery time, you need physical therapy. Another surgery or medications just won’t do. Let our physical therapists help you begin a life free of pain. Contact us today to get started.
What is failed back syndrome?
Failed back syndrome (also called failed back surgery syndrome) is a term used to describe persistent or recurrent pain after spinal surgery has been performed to relieve the otherwise pain. With nearly 1 out of 10 persons experiencing back pain, many are opting for surgery to find relief. However, up to 40% of patients who have had back or spinal surgery are still experiencing pain. After the surgery, some patients may feel better, then begin to experience the pain again, which gets worse. For some others, the pain will not be relieved or even gets worse after surgery.
Symptoms of Failed Back Syndrome
While many factors that could lead to FBS are out of your control and that of the surgeon, the symptoms are still there. They include:
Diagnosing Failed Back Syndrome
To diagnose failed back syndrome, your doctor must be able to link your current symptoms to the one previous surgery you had. If there is a connection, then failed back syndrome is diagnosed.
Treatment for Failed Back Syndrome
Going back for the same surgery to relieve current pain has been seen to be ineffective. The same holds true for medications. Physical therapy is recommended to alleviate the symptoms of Failed Back Syndrome. PT is effective for reducing pain and swelling, restoring or improving function and flexibility, building strength and endurance, and correcting posture. At Polygon PT, a physical therapist will evaluate your symptoms, and create a treatment plan just for you. This will likely include passive therapy such as:
Active exercises will be included in your treatment plan to manage your symptoms. These are likely to include:
Get Started With Physical Therapy for Failed Back Syndrome Today
At Polygon PT, we understand that a lot of reasons could be responsible for your symptoms, and all you just want is to see them disappear. Our physical therapists are excited to help you achieve sustainable results. If you want to learn how physical therapy can alleviate your failed back syndrome, request an appointment right now. You deserve to live a pain-free life!