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Fastest growing Physical therapy franchise, Polygon PT, provides people with an easy alternative to manage their pain without the use of potentially harmful drugs while avoiding surgery where possible.

Health and Wellness

Founded / Segment

Varies by location, approximately Sugar Land

Footprint / Hours of Operation

We help thousands of People Manage

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Elbow Pain

Hand or Wrist Pain

Hip Pain

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Ankle Pain

The $33.9B Industry


Physical Therapists in theUS Market Size in 2021


Physical Therapists in the US Market Size Growth in 2021


Physical Therapists in the US Annualized Market Size Growth 2016–2021

With a 2.3% growth alone in 2021 and still rising, there has been no better time to invest in the physical therapy industry.
Taking our cutting edge Physical Therapy Techniques Nationwide
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Polygon Story

Polygon PT was founded in 2017 in Sugar Land, TX, originally it was the plan to have a single clinic where people would travel too from across the greater Houston area. However seeing the landscape of how the insurance system works and what a struggle it is for good practitioners, Dr. Parth and his team decided they needed to change the way things were done.

In 2019 the second Polygon clinic was opened in the Heights and then a 3rd in early 2020 in Galleria, and then another in the summer of 2020 in Richmond, and another one in 2021 in Pearland, and the story continues as we are continuing to grow across the greater Houston area.

The principal reason for opening up Polygon PT was 2 main reasons, Parth was tired of clinics that were mills that saw 3-4 patients at a time and no attention was given, instead he believed that it was possible to see patients 1 on 1 and still have a profitable business. After establishing this in the first 2 years of practice he thought that there must be other physical therapists that think the same way, and so the second reason was to help other physical therapists open their own clinics and navigate the world of insurance, business, etc to become successful in treating patients the right away.

Polygon PT was founded for patients and therapists to have the ability to be treated in a holistic 1 on 1 approach and be successful in running your own practice.

Franchise Advantage

Cutting Edge PT techniques – Polygon PT strives to provide patients with a holistic way to manage pain using the latest techniques such as IASTM, dry needling, manipulation, etc.

Cutting edge physical therapy techniques

Polygon PT strives to provide patients with a holistic way to manage pain using the latest techniques such as IASTM, dry needling, manipulation, etc.

Robust support team

Get real-time support from us, beginning from your consultation until you stand on your feet. From real estate to project management, to training and operational support to billing and HR

Start-up Time

The ability to see insurance patients within 30 days of signing an agreement


We find the space, negotiate the deal, help setup the clinic by sourcing the equipment


Access to our vast referral network and also SEO and online presence

Proven Operations and Business Model

Our franchisees remain independent but achieve success through our robust support team, and collaboration with one another. Our operations and business model will help you optimize, grow and achieve your business goals.

The Numbers

Franchise fee

25,000 Franchise fee - which covers your credentialing, staff training, finding the space, Polygon manuals, and therapy training methodology, website page development and online listings

Monthly Fees

8% Billing and Credentialing fee
3% Royalty
4% HR and Admin fee

Local facility marketing

5% Marketing Fee

Client Testimonials

Catherine M.

I would not be walking without the dedication, care and knowledge of Aekta and his staff. He listens to concerns and truly cares for his patients. He works with family members as well, so during the days between therapy, you stay on the path to healing. I have a long way to recovery, but know that with his skills, dedication, and knowledge, I will not only recover but be much stronger that was ever thought possible. One on one care, knowledgeable caring staff, and ease of appointments, are all found here at Polygon HQ.



Josh N.

This man knows his stuff! I hurt my shoulder lifting weights and he fixed me within less than a week! My workouts are so much better pain free and my mobility has never been better. I highly recommend him for any of your physical therapy needs. Thanks again.



Sima P.

Great services for my parents who they are in almost 70 and up. My dad feels much better with his back pain . He is able to walk and do routines. Back surgery didn’t work well but Therapy worked great for him. My mom is able to walk and faster recovery after knee replacement surgery. Thank you Polygon HQ.


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Are you a therapist who has always wanted to open your own practice but did not know where to start or thought it was too overwhelming? Are you a therapist who wants to treat your patients 1 on 1 in a holistic manner? If you answer Yes to both Polygon PT is your way into owning a great PT practice that is profitable and has great therapist satisfaction.

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