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Fastest growing Physical therapy franchise, Polygon PT, provides people with an easy alternative to manage their pain without the use of potentially harmful drugs while avoiding surgery where possible.

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Varies by location, approximately Sugar Land

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We help thousands of People Manage

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Elbow Pain

Hand or Wrist Pain

Hip Pain

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Ankle Pain

The $33.9B Industry


Physical Therapists in theUS Market Size in 2021


Physical Therapists in the US Market Size Growth in 2021


Physical Therapists in the US Annualized Market Size Growth 2016–2021

With a 2.3% growth alone in 2021 and still rising, there has been no better time to invest in the physical therapy industry.
Taking our cutting edge Physical Therapy Techniques Nationwide
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Our Story

In Polygon PT, our story is one of HOPE.

Although founded in 2009, the origin of our mission started 7 years before that, when Parth decided to do everything he could to help relieve his father from the pain and suffering he was going through. Parth’s father had been in “unbearable” pain following a serious automobile accident and 9 surgeries after that. Pain medications only provided temporary relief. Surgery after surgery appeared to help but seemed to aggravate the pain in the long run. According to Parth, “I was watching my father suffering in pain every day, there was nothing I could do to help, and it broke my heart”.

On this faithful day with his dad, they walked in for his doctor’s appointment, and the doctor prescribed physical therapy. Few weeks following treatment, he could see the improvement in his dad. “Before therapy, when dad smiled, you could see the pain in his eyes. But now, all you could see was a man happy to return to an active healthy lifestyle free from pain. This newfound treatment renewed the passion in his heart to help others out there suffering from pain to find relief without the use of harmful pain relievers just like his dad.

7 years later after studying Anatomy & Physiology in Harvard, he finally set up his own facility to fulfill the promise he made to his dad. His commitment to physical therapy as an alternative to drugs or surgery for pain management has made PT grow quickly over the years and is now expanding to be a nationwide phenomenon through our franchising opportunity.

We want to give entrepreneurs and practicing physical therapists an opportunity to offer numerous people suffering from pain an alternative to find relief, just like years ago when the same opportunity was given to Path’s dad. We want to help you achieve this while growing your business, increasing your bottom line, and achieving your goals whatever they may be.

Franchise Advantage

Cutting edge physical therapy techniques

Polygon PT strives to provide patients with a holistic way to manage pain using the latest techniques

Leader in the Physical therapy industry

Our 70 years of combined experience has made us the first choice when it comes to physical therapy as an alternative for drugs and surgery. Leverage our brand name and consistent customer loyalty.

Cash-Based business

This reduces dependency on insurance and helps you expand as you grow.

Robust Support Team

Get real-time support from us, beginning from your consultation until you stand on your feet. From real estate to project management, to training and operational support.

Proven Operations and Business Model

Our franchisees remain independent but achieve success through our robust support team, and collaboration with one another. Our operations and business model will help you optimize, grow and achieve your business goals.

The Numbers

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Worldwide creative fund

Local facility marketing

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Client Testimonials
A motorcycle wreck almost ended my life, but a second chance with physical therapy fueled my recovery”. Suffering from multiple broken neck bones, a lacerated liver, broken ribs, a broken right hip, and a fractured left heel, everyone asked me how I survived. I tell them, I had ‘HOPE’, and the physical therapists at POLYGON PT did an excellent job after my surgery. I’m so grateful that I could get my lifestyle back. Although I may not be able to take longer hikes like I used to because of my heel, short hikes are just fine.

Richard, patient, Polygon PT, Houston TX




I thought my dream of competing in college basketball was over when I fractured my ankle during a practice game. Surgery would have been the quicker option, but since the competition was still months away, my doctor prescribed physical therapy. It was the best option for me! With the help of my therapist, I was able to get my mobility back and was taught how to posture properly when I do my jumps or squats. Thanks to Polygon PT, I was well and strong enough to compete for my game, and we won that year.

Harold, patient, Polygon PT, Houston TX




Physical therapy helped me control my pain and avoid opioids. I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) a few weeks after I broke the big toe of my left foot. My whole foot felt like it was on fire and walking became impossible for me. After seeing a neurologist, physical therapy was recommended. It wasn’t easy at first, as simple actions with my foot caused too much pain. However, I was determined to avoid opioids as they only made the pain worse. It’s been 6 months down the physical therapy route, and I must confess I got my life back. As an MBA student, I was able to get back to attending courses and working. I owe my recovery to my therapist [Name] at Polygon PT, who through a customized treatment plan got me back on my feet.

Wade, patient, Polygon PT, Houston TX




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Target Franchisee
Polygon PT is looking for franchisees that are committed to helping people in their local community with alternative pain management while focusing on exceptional operations and excellent customer service. Franchisees must also show a level of business experience, and commitment to the Polygon PT brand.
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